About Us

Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia (IMAM), also known as Persatuan Perubatan Islam Malaysia (PPIM)was founded in 1990 with member amongst Muslim doctors in both government and private practices in Malaysia.
Currently, more than 2500 members range from house officers to senior consultants, professors and deans of medical; as well as associate members from the dental professions, allied health and Para‐medical staff, nurses and medical students.
IMAM was affiliated to the Federation of Islamic Medical Associations (FIMA). Members have participated in medical and welfare services in Iraq, Bosnia, Chechnya, Maluku, Afghanistan, Iran and Sudan.
Apart from holding local and international talks and seminars, IMAM has been joining forces with FIMA and Malaysian Medical Relief Society (MERCY) in medical relief missions.



The student chapter in the UK & Ireland was formed in the year 2002, the leadership pioneered by a number of first year medical student. This is meant to provide an early venue for Muslim medical students to integrate themselves in the ideals and practices of Islamic medicine, as in the cause championed by IMAM.


“Holistic Medicine based on Islam”.

Endeavoring to fulfill the spirit of our motto

Al‐Hidayah, As‐Syifa’, Ar‐Rahmah

(Guidance, Healing, Mercy),

Attributes derived from the Holy Quran.


  • To consolidate the knowledge, experience and expertise of Muslim doctors to serve humanity at large.
  • To be in every sense a dutiful member to the larger society, fully acting, interacting and caring for it.
  • To highlight and integrate the medicine field and those related to it as an important part in an Islamic worldview.
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